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List of UK Health Clinics

How does an updated email list of health clinics help grow your business?

U.K’s health care system is a combination of public hospitals, non-profit hospitals, and for-profit private hospitals and clinics. Private hospitals and health clinics offer a wide range of services. These can include fertility treatment, adult diabetes, clinical dermatology, pediatric services, diagnostic imaging, physiotherapy, maternity care, Opthalmology, pain unit, and so on.

Using the database of health clinics you might offer a diverse range of products and services including, but not limited to:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Dental products
  • Weighing scales
  • Ear irrigators
  • Needles and syringes
  • Surface cleaning products
  • sanitisers
  • PPE kits, gloves, face masks
  • medical disposables
  • Medical equipment
  • Health clinic furniture
  • First-aid supplies
  • Housekeeping services
  • Printers and other office supplies
  • IT support services
  • Examination couch

Whether you are looking to create brand awareness, offer discounts, or demonstrate how your product works, email marketing is a cost-effective way to communicate with health clinics. If your business supplies or manufacturers products and services for health clinics, you can leverage APC’s email mailing list of health clinics to make your business profitable.

The power of email marketing

These statistics show how powerful email marketing can be:

  • emails have a high open-rate of 18.39 per cent while the open rates of educative emails can be as high as 30 per cent
  • 80 per cent of businesses state that email marketing helped improve customer retention
  • including a product or brand video in your email boosts open rates by 300 percent
  • Open rates of emails go up by 50 per cent when the content is personalised and relevant
  • 59 per cent of consumers state a marketing email influences their purchase decision

Design a smart email marketing campaign

Right from welcome emails, product demonstrations to discounts and deals, there are many ways marketing emails can help you grow your brand, acquire new customers and engage existing ones.

When you buy our email directory of health clinics, you get a ready-made list of customers who are looking for the products or services that you supply. By segmenting your email list based on the location, domain name, or clinic name, you can create highly personalised messages. Open rates go up when customers receive relevant and personalised messages, which in turn, helps you achieve your marketing objectives.

What our email list of health clinics includes

Our email list of health clinics features hundreds of clinics with at least one unique email address, while many clinics have more than one verified email address. Along with this, 79 per cent of the records have PAF verified postal addresses and 75 percent of records have telephone numbers. You will also get hundreds of verified websites of health clinics.

We focus on research to ensure our email databases and directories are as accurate as possible while keeping the bounce rates low. Our streamlined process of validation is the reason why we are confident about our email deliverability. Additionally, our email directory is fully GDPR compliant, eliminating the risk of privacy violation.

Available in easy to download CSV format, our email list can be saved and opened in Excel.

The Efficient and Cost-Effective Way of Selling To Medical Clinics

If you are a manufacturer or supplier of any of the large assortment of goods and services that are consumed by medical clinics then you can’t afford to ignore the potential of clinics to generate sales and profit for your enterprise. Generating awareness and building credibility invariably revolves around engaging in a planned marketing and communication programme with key decision-makers in the clinics who are primarily responsible for making the purchase decisions. Since they happen to be extremely busy people, the chances of you being able to make personal sales calls at frequent intervals is fairly limited, hence it is imperative that you implement a comprehensive communication engagement strategy that will help elevate the profile of your business concern and drive sales traffic to you. 

When you run a small business, it is never quite practical to engage in mass media advertising due to the prohibitive cost of print, outdoor or television advertising. What will be of interest to you is a refined email list of clinics and centres that will enable you to concentrate your communication activities to the people who really matter. The principal reason why an email list of health clinics and centres is even better than sending physical mailers is that you do not have to bear the expense of printing and postage. Also when you send an email you can be sure that it will land up on the desk of the person you addressed it to without it being trashed as junk by the secretary. With the sort of information available on mailing databases, you can even narrow down your mailing exercise to specific geographical areas that you can best cover with your reach. 

The best way of implementing an email marketing programme is to first acquire a good quality address database and directory of health clinics and centres. Using this judiciously you can prepare different types of mailers with specific content that would appeal to clinics specializing in different services. You can also use the flexibility of email marketing to change the content time to time or even announce special offers to keep the level of interest high among your potential customers. Acquiring an address database and directory of health clinics and centres from or a reputed vendor is recommended because then you can be fairly sure that you will be getting full value for your money. With so many vendors in the market making tall claims and offering very cheap prices, you must be extra circumspect about what you buy. Do some research, ask around within your own business community, ask for some reliable references and then take your independent purchase decision. Make sure that your mailers are attractively designed and highlight the benefits of buying from you; this will ensure that your conversion rate remains high.

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